Antalya’s beaches are free this year too

Natural wonder cliff beaches will be free

20 May 2023

Inciralti and Erdal İnönü, one of the beaches of Muratpaşa Municipality in Antalya, located at the point where the natural wonders meet the Mediterranean, opened. There is no entrance fee to the beaches this year, as there is every year.

One of the blue flag cliff beaches of Muratpaşa Municipality, İnciraltı and Prof. Dr. Erdal İnönü City Park beaches were opened. Entrance to the beaches, which are located in the center, where the cliffs of Antalya meet the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean, are free of charge this year as well. On the beaches, there is also the service of the municipality to drink, sun loungers and umbrellas. When the tea is sold for 5 liras, the use of sun loungers and umbrellas is 50 liras for the beach.

İnciraltı Beach, located on the old Lara Street of Muratpaşa Municipality, was opened in 2016. The beach, which can also be accessed by an elevator, is built on a 625 square meter wooden platform. Receiving the first blue flag in 2017, Prof. Dr. At Erdal İnönü Kent Park Beach, the house can be reached by a wooden platform. On the beaches that open their doors at 06:00, the services of the municipality start at 08:00.