Koru Beach – Natural Pools

Koru Beach - Natural Pools, one of the rare places where nature shows its miracles, is in the Ekmel District of Gazipaşa district of Antalya.
The pools are called 'Yali Stone' and draw attention with their interesting formations. These shapes are seen where coastal dunes are found. On the coasts, where the tide is experienced, sand and pebbles are bonded with carbonate cement and stony parallel to the sea. One of the characteristics of mansion stones is that they are soft to be processed while in the sea and harden when taken out. These rocks were in layers until recently. They used them in the production of millstones in the region. These stones were also placed on the corner joints of the buildings. During the Gazipaşa tour, it is possible to see the mansion stones in the old quarters.
Koru Beach – The waters of the Natural Pools make a difference by being the only self-filtering sea. The sea's water comes to the pools with waves and returns. It ensures the purification of foreign substances. The seawater that accumulates in the pits, which function as a natural treatment plant, is temporarily disconnected from the sea when there is no wave. The water, whose temperature increases in these small pools, turns into a play pool for visitors of all ages, where they can experience joyful and entertaining moments. In the two natural pools of the beach, which has three natural pools in total, children and those who have just learned to swim can spend time in safety.
The beaches and natural pools are quieter on weekdays. Local people and visitors heavily prefer them on weekends to have a daily picnic and enjoy the sea.
In addition, Koru Beach, which has a length of approximately 2.5 km, is a partner of an unforgettable miracle as one of the 17 centers where sea turtles lay their eggs in the Mediterranean. While swimming on the beach, don't forget to take your goggles to see the fish and other sea creatures that will accompany you!