Delik Sea and Kral Bay

Delik Deniz and Kral Bay are considered some of Turkey's most exciting and mysterious bays due to their natural formation and interesting visuality. They are approximately 65 km from Alanya and 25 km from Gazipaşa.
Delik Deniz and Kral Bay are among the ruins on the shore of the Antiochia Ad Cragum Ancient City, and you can reach the bay by passing through the ancient city. The belief that a ruler named Antiochos I entered the sea from here in ancient times caused the region to be called 'King's Bay'. It is also known as the Hole Sea, due to the fantastic-looking huge hole in the middle of the bay.
The cove is descended from a steep and rather troublesome soil path. The area is surrounded by the banana groves of Gazipaşa, which offer a magnificent visual spectacle.
However, Delik Deniz and Kral Bay have wide enough entrances for fishing boats to fit in. It looks like a huge and natural pool that seems to be separated from the sea.
Local and foreign tourists flock to the region to spend time around the bay, where nature is intertwined with history. When you enter the cove, which impresses its visitors from the first moment with its eye-catching view and turquoise glass-like water, it is possible to see the rocks at the bottom of the aquarium-clear water. Do not leave Gazipaşa without enjoying the sea in the bay, which is one of the hidden paradises of the Mediterranean!