Mermerli Beach

Mermerli Beach provides the opportunity to swim in the middle of the city, proving how special Antalya is and that it has great riches. 

Mermerli Beach, which brings sea, sun, history and nature together in a unique harmony, is in Kaleiçi Marina. It is between high travertine cliffs stretching on both sides of the port. It is possible to reach the beach, which takes its name from the Mermerli Köşk, which was once in the marina, in about 10 minutes by going down the streets that smell of history when you enter Kaleici from Cumhuriyet Square.

The beach is one of the most precious spots in the Antalya city center with its enchanting view. It offers its visitors a unique Mediterranean experience.

Blue Flag Mermerli Beach is also a favorite of foreign tourists coming to the city due to its location. The beach is separated from the part where the boats are. It is in a very sheltered way in the port. It has a clear blue sea-like glass that does not fluctuate too much and a sandy beach with stony and slightly pebbles. You can watch the sunset on the beach with the walls behind you, where it is a unique pleasure to swim against the endless Antalya Bay and the city view, and you can take wonderful photo frames among the rocks.

At Mermerli Beach, where you will feel the privileged world of the Mediterranean, blended with centuries-old historical texture, and the magnificent view of Beydağları under your feet, you can experience peaceful moments amidst the warming sun and sparkling waters.