Kaleiçi Marina

Kaleiçi Marina was built in the Hellenistic Period. It is a semi-circular natural harbour. The entrance to the port is 110 meters wide. It is thought that the breakwaters were probably built on the remains of walls made in the Hellenistic Period. In the past, there were bastions on either side of the harbour entrance, one of which is thought to have functioned as a lighthouse. In 1472, the Papal Navy planted the Papal Coat of Arms on the bastions of the breakwater and took the chain stretched between the bastions to ensure the city's safety on the way back as booty.

Today, Kaleiçi Marina is one of the most important sightseeing stops in the city. The port, where maritime traffic is always intense, is approximately 6-7 meters deep and can moor one hundred boats.

Generally, the ships in the port where commercial tour boats are moored are connected to the port with a vault instead of the anchoring method used in other Mediterranean and Aegean ports. The harbor is where a maritime police station, a small amphitheater, Antalya Marine Biology Museum and Antalya Toy Museum are located. It is surrounded by walls, some of which are still standing. There are places to eat and drink around you, where you can enjoy the unique sea view.

Under the buoy 1 km off the marina, there is the shipwreck of the French warship Saint Didier, also known as the "Social Shipwreck". Saint Didier, which was sunk during the war in 1942, continues to take the attention of divers. You can visit this wreck by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the diving courses. However, because it is close to the mouth of the marina, it is recommended to be careful while diving, as there is heavy boat traffic.

 Tour boats in the historical marina organize tours to the Lower Düden Waterfall. You can join these fun tours to explore Antalya's natural beauties and interesting cliff formations more closely and to breathe the fresh sea air. You can explore Kaleiçi by following the narrow roads surrounding the port, and take pleasant breaks at the numerous restaurants, cafes and bars in the vicinity.