Antalya Toy Museum

Antalya Toy Museum, which adults and little ones can enjoy, is in the historical Kaleiçi Marina. Under the leadership of the poet, writer and researcher Sunay Akın, the museum, which opened on April 23, 2011, has approximately 3 thousand toys of domestic and foreign production from the 1800s to the 1980s, which have antique value.

 Antalya Toy Museum, a name among the most respected toy museums globally with a distinguished collection, traditional building, design, decoration and workshops, is the 3rd toy museum in Turkey after Istanbul and Izmir.

A paper ship, the museum symbol, greets visitors at the entrance of the Antalya Toy Museum, which offers entertaining moments for both children and adults. Nasreddin Hodja and his donkey, Cinderella and the Pumpkin Car, Daltons, Red Kit, Micky Mouse, Smurfs, Keloğlan, Popeye, and regularly categorized military toys, racing cars, construction machines, construction toys, dolls. Dollhouses and kitchen toys are among other valuable pieces of the museum. While visiting the museum, it is possible to understand the historical journey of toys from past to present and how they changed and transformed in the process. 

Antalya Toy Museum, which brings nostalgic moments to adults and makes the little guests happy, takes place in the memories of visitors from all age groups, from 7 to 70, with its fairy-tale atmosphere.