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Dentist Adnan Adalı, after graduating from Ankara University Faculty of Dentistry, worked in a private clinic in Germany for 5 years and then returned to Antalya and opened his own clinic. Due to his success and honest work in Antalya, he was given a 'Vertrauen-Cooperation' certificate by the German Consulate, with the recommendation of the German Consulate and the approval of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Dentist Adnan Adalı speaks English, German and Turkish. He works in his clinic with his son Dentist Can Adalı (graduate of Medipol University Faculty of Dentistry). Dentist Can Adalı is a German citizen and speaks German, English and Turkish.

Dr. Adnan Adalı's wife Süheyla Adalı is a Dental Hygienist and graduated from Germany. He speaks German, English and Turkish. We also have German citizen Birgit Liebetanz who is responsible for public relations and two other female colleagues who speak English and Turkish.

The final stages of all prostheses, zirconia and porcelain teeth are completed by our special technician in a private laboratory in the clinic. Apart from classical methods, laser dentistry is also applied in the clinic. The clinic is equipped with the most modern devices and provides services in all branches of dentistry.