Grace Lounge Karaf Wine Bistro

Wine Houses

Wine is one of the most preferred drinks worldwide. It is categorized differently from other drinks by developing a unique culture with its historical journey, production and storage conditions, and tasty delicacies. This delicious drink dates back to the Ancient Ages. It has an important place in almost every culture and worldwide as the subject of songs, poems, epics and movies. 

With its red, rosé, white wines that delight any environment and leave pleasant and delicious aromas on the palate, they are among the indispensables that increase the romance of Mediterranean nights. The wine houses located between the historical streets of Kaleiçi draw attention with their rich wine collections in their cellars. Wine varieties suitable for every taste and meal in the beverage menus of these exclusive venues add a different pleasure, joy and happiness to your evening hours. 

With the high number of sunny days and fertile lands, Antalya, where quality grape varieties are grown, draws attention with its delicious local wines produced in vineyards that lean against the forests at the foot of the Taurus Mountains