Kaleiçi Meyhanesi Zaruri Kalender Meyhane Bi' Büyük Meyhane Fosforlu Meyhane Kaleiçi Meyhanesi Konyaaltı Keyf-î Dem Restaurant & Meyhane Zühtü Meze & Cocktails


They are an indispensable part of Turkish entertainment culture. Taverns are places to eat and a gathering of friends. Inspiring even the most beloved poets and writers, taverns that make you feel the feeling of being a regular in a place continue to be kept alive as a nostalgic tradition today.

Among the taverns, which are one of the most important elements of Antalya's vibrant nightlife, some places represent the classical tavern culture and serve the new modern tavern concept. While the taverns spread all over the city bring their guests together at full tables with their rich main course, appetizers, salads and beverages, they allow you to taste the unique tastes of Mediterranean and Aegean Cuisine.

The taverns stand out with their decent, friendly and comfortable atmosphere. You can listen to the stage performances of famous artists, accompany Turkish Classical Music melodies, have a pleasant time with your loved ones as well as have warm conversations, and get rid of all the tiredness of the day.