Health has a special place in maintaining a happy life raising and protecting the quality of life.

As in all cities of the world, the health sector continues to develop in Antalya with many institutions and organizations and personal preventive health services.


 Health is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as physical, mental and social well-being. It has transformed into a social and cultural phenomenon alongside modern medicine, leading to the socialization, popularization and individualization of health information. 

Antalya is aware that a healthy population is also necessary for economic efficiency and social welfare in such a world; it continues to develop health policies to improve public health and keep it at a good level, as in the world and our country.

 Antalya is a modern city. It improves the living comfort of the people of Antalya with its health system consisting of various institutions, structures and rules to meet the health needs and provide equal health services to the entire population. 

Institutions of the Ministry of Health, university hospitals, training-research hospitals; new technology, applications, products or services, accessible and friendly health workers, strengthened essential health services and family medicine, and adequate, science-based diagnosis and treatment methods. Antalya is growing rapidly in human health and its efforts to maintain it.

112 Emergency Call Center: +90 (242) 112 11 21 
Emergency Service Emergency: +90 (242) 249 44 00 
Antalya Training and Research Hospital: +90 (242) 249 44 00 
Antalya Atatürk State Hospital: +90 (242) 345 45 50 
Akdeniz University Hospital: +90 (242) 249 60 00 
Antalya Provincial Health Directorate: +90 (242) 320 60 00 
T.R. Ministry of Health Antalya Provincial Ambulance Service Chief Physician: +90 (242) 229 50 52