About Us

We are proud to reach you from the Turkish Riviera Antalya, first name comes to mind when winter tourism and summer tourism are mentioned in our country, where regional tourism activities are gaining momentum and good developments are taking place for regional branding.

We continue closely following the 24/7 tourism agenda of Antalya, continuing to be the capital of tourism with its many beautiful towns to be discovered and visited, the city center and districts, and various cultural and artistic activities throughout the year, to contribute to its position as an indispensable holiday destination for excitement and adventure enthusiasts.

In this journey we set out to become the golden guide of Antalya and the Mediterranean, flooded by visitors from our country and different parts of the world, we experience the same excitement in the travels of those love to travel and seek adventure to our paradise city Antalya.

Our destination site antalya.com.tr, a light and guide to the paths of people in other cities and other countries, where we make it our mission and vision to be the pioneer and the leader in the sector has stepped into its life under Antalya Dijital Hizmetler A.Ş. title in partnership of the firms operating in the field of advertising, Nore Tasarım, Graphx Ajans, Yedi İletişim and Falezler Reklam, and with the support of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality.

If you wonder issues such as how can I travel, how should I determine my route, how can I use my time efficiently, where can I do sports, where can I have fun, where can I stay, and where can I get beautiful in Antalya, popular with health tourism..., you are at the right address.

We thank you very much for following us, a promotional website of our city, Antalya, and we are happy to be your guide.